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Sunday, November 2, 2008

All about Highway Hypnosis, Road Hypnosis, White Line Fever

What are the Symptoms of Highway Hypnosis?

Ever been in a state where you cannot recollect how you got there? Do you often find yourself with the car keys in your hand and then cannot remember whether you just drove the car or not? If you have, then chances are you have been experiencing bouts of highway hypnosis. Highway hypnosis is nothing but an occurrence where a person drives a car through a road, is conscious about the methods of driving and knows which turn to take and where to go, but has absolutely no recollection of having committed the act afterwards. It is like the conscious and sub conscious mind are at a conflict at that time, or rather they prefer to focus on different things. As a result, it is also termed as subconscious hypnosis.

What is Highway Hypnosis?

Highway hypnosis, also known as Road Hypnosis, is a phenomenon that happens when monotony creeps into everyday life. Similar mental patterns are also observed in people who do a lot of repetitive work like filing papers, cutting saw, and so on. Also people who do not get the adequate amount of sleep are likely to experience highway hypnosis.

How does Highway Hypnosis work?

Hypnosis is nothing but an altered state of awareness. Here, the subconscious mind and conscious mind lie on different levels of awareness and so one is not in complete control of their senses. Alternatively, they do not remember anything they did or said while getting hypnotized. Highway hypnosis follows the same methodology and therefore one finds it difficult to recall the happenings later on.

What do Researches think about Highway Hypnosis?

Many researchers believe that the consciousness is capable of building up hypnotic dissociation. In the example of highway hypnosis, one stream of consciousness is helping the person drive the car while the other stream of consciousness is helping him or her deal with different issues. Amnesia can even be formed for the dissociated consciousness that was driving the vehicle. The incident is an instance of automaticity.

How to Avoid Highway Hypnosis?

Though highway hypnosis is a frequent occurrence, it is not a very safe occurrence. Even while the person going through highway hypnosis is aware of the road rules and can drive safely, all measures should be taken to ensure that no one drives while being in such a state. It can lead to unwarranted incidents like accidents and injuries. Not only is a person risking his own life and well being, but also the lives of people around. To prevent highway hypnosis, a lot of experts have suggested that strict laws with harsh penalties should be implemented so that its occurrence is diminished.

However, a person who experiences highway hypnosis often should seek professional help as a mere fear of penalties might not be able to help him. Subsequently, more research and investigation is required into the field so that the exact causes of highway hypnosis can be identified and a suitable treatment can be devised.

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